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A Prayer for Messiah in this time of transition


 Almighty God, you know the needs of your Church in every place: look graciously upon us, the people of Church of the Messiah, and grant us the guidance of your Holy Spirit as we move through this time of transition.


Give us discernment, wisdom, and confidence in your timing.


Guide the Warden, officers and members of the Vestry, and leaders of our faith community as they labor to be faithful in seeking your will.


We pray for the life of our parish, that we may continue to be strengthened in our mission to be Jesus Christ’s heart, hands, and feet to our neighbors no matter where they are on their journey of faith.


Bless us with mutual trust and respect, courage, and foresight as you shepherd our community through this next course of our journey.


Grace us with continuous direction and inspire us toward genuine self-reflection.


Bless and protect Keith and Deb as they enter into this newest chapter of their life together.


All this we ask as we walk in your ways to the glory that awaits us in your name.



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