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Are YOU Coming to the Retreat this Sunday?

Here's why you should:

1. There will be picnic food...and who doesn't love that?!

2. The scenery will be beautiful and peaceful (hence the name "Peace Valley" ;)

3. The company will be superb (not to toot our own horn or anything...but have you seen the sign up list? We're a pretty fun group of people)

4. It's going to be FUN, RELAXING AND REFRESHING... Yep, Prayer can be all those things! Sooo if we have just convinced you to come along....IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP!

Just e-mail Tiffany Reichley at or call her at 215-779-0391 so we can bring enough supplies for everyone. In case you have any questions, here's some more info: -Where to meet: You can meet us after the 9:30 service in the Parish Hall. We will be providing supplies for sandwich/hoagie making so that you can make yourself a sandwich(or 5) before we head out. If you plan on leaving from your home NO WORRIES! Just let me know and I will be sure to make you a sandwich! -Lunch time: We will be eating lunch when we first get to the park. All sides, salads and desserts will be available there. -Driving to the park: If you have any worries about driving to the park, carpooling is encouraged. Just let me know if there's anyone who could use a ride. Directions are provided below if you are driving yourself. -Parking: At Sailor's Point there is a multi level parking lot, so there should be plenty of parking for everyone. -After lunch activities: After lunch it will be your choice how you "retreat."

Here are some choices/suggestions:

1. We will be providing guided prayer activities for children through adults. They will be available to take with you and complete at your leisure.

2. Just hang out and enjoy the company and scenery. Spending time with God's people in the midst of his creaton is a great way to relax and refresh.

3. Walk your way to relaxation. There is a pretty long trail (7 miles) that extends around the lake. If you like to walk, then you are in luck! Walking is also a great time to pray!

4. For children, there is a playground at a nearby pier(accessible by walking or driving). There will also be a little kit for them to help them explore God's creation.

5. Visit the nature center. It's very close to the pier, but you might have better luck driving and then parking in their parking lot. The nature center offers plenty of trails, scenic stops and bird watching. So if you want to really be a part of nature, you can't get much closer than this! If you're wondering what you might need for this fun trip, here is a list of items you might want to bring along:

-your dish for the potluck (and any other snacks or beverages for yourself for the after lunch activities)

-sunscreen or a hat in case we are not completely in the shade

-camping chair/beach chair/blanket-whatever you would prefer to sit on. There are available picnic tables; however, they may be in use.

-your bible

-a bag or backpack to carry with you

Here are directions from the church:

Take 202 N, then make a left onto Dekalb Pike. Dekalb Pike will become Upper State Rd.

Turn left onto S Limekiln Pk(PA-152)

Turn right onto W Butler Ave(PA-152)

Take 2nd right onto Park Ave. Park Ave. becomes Callowhill Rd.

Turn right onto Creek Rd.

Here is a map of the park: We will be eating at Sailor's Point.

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