ShopWithScrip - Sign up today!

We are excited to announce Messiah's ShopWithScrip fundraising while you shop!

By using Messiah's ShopWithScrip portal or placing your order with the Church Office, you can purchase gift cards (electronic and physical cards) to over 600+ vendors and Messiah will receive a rebate from 4-15% on the dollar amount of gift cards you purchase!

Watch the weekly bulletin and emails for scheduled information sessions, contact Sarah Patram or Sam Frenkel with your questions or just follow the instructions below to start shopping.

Thank you for your help in expanding our fundraising efforts!

To get started now....

Step 1: Signup for ShopWithScrip - It’s Easy!

  • Go to and click Join a Program.

  • Copy and paste or enter our Enrollment code: 2E85543L63724 to ensure your account is associated with Church of the Messiah and you begin earning rebates to help meet our fundraising goal!

  • Fill in all required personal information and click I’m not a robot and then Register.

  • Choose two security challenge questions from the list and provide answers.

  • Enter your phone number on the Register Your Phone and click Send Code

  • Enter the Verification code and click SUBMIT

Step 2: Begin Shopping with ShopWithScrip - It’s Even Easier!

Once you are signed up, orders can be placed:

  • online at

  • on your mobile device using or

  • "Manually” by viewing available gift cards online and providing your list to Sarah Patram or Sam Frenkel via phone, in-person or in email.

  • Orders will be collected twice a month on the 15th and the last day of the month

  • Your check must be received prior to placing your manual order

Step 3: Payment

Orders may be paid for using PrestoPay (see below for instructions), or by selecting Check during online checkout, or by including your check with manual orders.

Make checks out to: Church of the Messiah

Enroll in PrestoPay

PrestoPay is the ShopWithScrip functionality to pay for your order by ACH/EFT from your bank account once you have created a ShopWithScrip account. When enrolling in ShopWithScrip you will be given the chance to setup a PrestoPay account.

  • Under Family Functions on your Dashboard, click on the Payment Types link

  • Follow the steps to enroll by either instantly linking your bank account or entering banking information manually

  • Manually entering your information will take 1-2 business days to process

  • You’ll be ready to pay for your order with Online Payments using PrestoPay

There will be a small transaction fee ($0.15-$0.50) added to your order, however, this is minimal compared to the fees we could be charged by using a credit card for payment.

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