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UPDATE: Let's Make Even MORE Lunches on January 8th

Your response has been SO great we've decided to increase the number of lunches we plan to make.

Please click here to see our latest list of needs and to volunteer.

Also, please be sure to bring in your donations prior to the 8th.

Collection bins are located on the benches in the Parish Hall.


Let's start the New Year off with this outreach opportunity to help Manna on Main Street and our community. As many of you know, Manna serves meals daily to people in need. On occasion, Manna's kitchen has reason to close. On those days, Manna supplies bagged lunches for those in need.

How can we help? Messiah has agreed to supply and package 150 + lunches

Join us in the Parish Hall on January 8th at

12:00 pm to prepare sandwiches and/or at 6:30 pm to package the lunches.

It will be fun for all!


IMPORTANT: If you would like to participate but are unable to sign up online, please contact Diana Mulroy at to let her know what time(s) you plan to join us and if you plan to donate any of the needed lunch items.

Please consider signing up to purchase one or many of the needed items. Just click the DONATE button to select the items you will purchase, and then deliver them to the church parish hall prior to January 8th.

Preview of items needed:

* 24 individual juice boxes

(7 donations of 24 needed)

* 24 Granola or similar type bars

(7 donations of 24 needed)

Important: Please do not purchase cookies or candy

* 24 individual fruit or apple sauce cups

(7 donations of 24 needed)

* 1 box gallon size ziploc bags

(6 boxes needed)

* 3 loaves of bread

(6 donations of 3 loaves needed)

* 50 plastic spoons

(3 donations of 50 plastic spoons needed)

Can be any color leftovers are great too!

Click the buttons and signup to join in the fun now!

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