Fastings & Feastings for Lent

Fast from the need for attention...

and feast on attending to the needs of others

Fast from indifference…

and feast on the difference we can make where hope is lost

Fast from dwelling on the mistakes of the past…

and feast on the joy of bringing happiness to others

Fast from closing your mind to new understandings…

and feast on a passion for truth

Fast from cynicism…

and feast on hope

Fast from predictability…

and feast on surprises and spontaneity and an open spirit

Fast from talking…

and feast on listening

Fast from the demands of perfection…and feast on the glory of being human

Fast from anxiety…and feast on trust

Fast from being stuck in time and place and mind…

and feast on the journey

Fast from complaining…

and feast on appreciation

Fast from worry…

and feast on blessings received

Fast from unrelenting pressures…

and feast on the power of prayer

Fast from pessimism…

and feast on optimism

Fast from anger…

and feast on patience

Fast from discontent…

and feast on gratitude

Fast from pride…

and feast on humility

Fast from emphasizing differences…

and feast on our common humanity

Fast from loneliness…

and feast on a welcoming hospitable acceptance of others.

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