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Staying Connected In the Midst of Isolation

Send us a photo!

Then check the website to see your Messiah friends

as we (virtually) gather together and pass the peace!


From Diana Mulroy and the Outreach Committee comes the following invitation:

I hope this message finds all of our Messiah family well. During this time of social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine, many of us are feeling a loss of contact with our church family and friends.

So, we would like to start a "Virtual Warm Wishes" campaign for Messiah.

Please take a minute, over the next day or two, and snap a photo of you and your family. Then send it to: If you prefer or are unable to snap a photo (after all, some of us are just really bad at selfies!), you could send a message, or another photo, or a quote that you would like to share with all the other members of our parish community.

The Outreach Committee will compile these photos and messages, and then share them with the whole church, as well as posting them to the church website. So be sure to check back repeatedly as more additions are made throughout the duration of this situation.

The more people who participate, the more fun this will be!

And from your Rector:

I do hope and encourage each and every one of you to send a photo, a message, a thought, or inspiration, or quote, or some other uplifting picture or words that we all may share. Perhaps, like Deb and me, in the midst of this forced isolation, you are coming to realize and be reminded of just how very social we are created, what social beings we all are, and how much contact with others is a necessity of life.

Being forced to cocoon in place, denied physical contacts - a handshake, a hug, a kiss - despite our understanding and agreement of the need for such measures, is exceedingly difficult and depressing. Let's be creative in ways to stay connected and in touch with one another . . .

Thank you to Diana and the Outreach Committee for this invitation and opportunity to "gather together". I am so looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces, at least in photos, until we can once again safely resume gathering and worshiping together in person and face-to-face! Hmmm . . . reminds me how very important the Incarnation is in our understanding, belief, hope and trust in Emmanuel, the "God who comes among us". May this be a lesson that remains with us, even after this crisis has passed.

So, in the spirit of that holy Incarnation, let us be incarnate with one another - virtually - until we are able to once more be incarnate for one another in the flesh!

Finally: Please be sure to open and read the messages from Messiah that are being sent every few days. In this very fluid, evolving and rapidly changing situation, I will continue to keep you updated. I'll be in touch, so you stay in touch . . .

Thanks again, Diana! Thank you once more, Outreach Committee! And a big virtual hug to all of you!

Blessings! Health! Grace and peace! Hope! And love to all of you!

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