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Healing and Comfort: a Church School Lesson

Hi Families!

Scripture for this week: Acts 9:36-43

The Story:

In the city of Joppa, there was a follower of Jesus named Tabitha. She was committed to doing good things and helping people out when they were in need. The Apostle Peter was near Joppa when she became sick and died. Her friends gathered around her and prepared her body for burial. People who knew that Peter was nearby asked him to visit and he came to the friends and family of Tabitha. When Peter arrived, they began showing him all of the things she had done and made for them. Peter knelt in front of Tabitha's body and prayed. He spoke to her and said, "Tabitha, get up." Tabitha opened her eyes and when she saw Peter she sat up. He helped her get up and called to those who had gathered to come and showed her to be alive. This became known all over town and many believed in the Lord because of it. Peter stayed in Joppa a while with Simon who was a tanner.

You can also click on the link below to watch this video of Peter and Tabitha:

Supplies needed for the comfort cards:

-paper: construction paper or regular paper

-crayons, markers, pens, etc.

-any other card making supplies you want to use.

After you have read the scripture or watched the video together, you can make a list of family and friends who are in need of healing or comfort. You can use your supplies to make cards and include prayers and encouraging words. Maybe you know someone who's suffering from Covid-19 and needs healing or maybe you know someone who has been quarantining alone and needs some comfort. You can also create cards that express gratitude as part of Father Keith's Letter Writing Campaign. Here is an excerpt explaining:

LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN - Care packages containing not only much- needed items, but also snacks and "fun" things meant to bring a smile to someone's face are assembled and mailed to recipients across the country. Also included in each box are letters and cards expressing the appreciation of grateful citizens, along with children's drawings, pages from coloring books - expressions of thanks from people of all ages. Over the next week, please make the time - many of us have more than we know what to do with these days! - to sit down and put pen to paper to express your appreciation in your own words. Or go to the Dollar Store and purchase some cards that just say "Thank You". Have your children write short notes, draw a picture, color a page or two or three from a coloring book. I will then be collecting your letters, cards and drawings and sending them along to Operation Gratitude for inclusion in outgoing Care packages. You can bring your donations to the church (9-1 Mon-Thur), where you will find a box located outside my office door. Or mail them, addressed to me, here at the church: 1001 Dekalb Pike, Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002-1941.

Whatever kind of card you choose to make, you are being a comfort to others. You are letting Jesus work through you!

Step two:

Let's make connections!

-What did Tabitha do before she died? (good works and acts of charity)

-What might some of those good works and acts of charity have been? (feeding people who were hungry, sharing what she had with others, caring for the sick, etc.)

- How are some ways we do these things? (volunteering, sharing with our siblings, bringing in food for food cupboard, etc.)

-How was Peter able to help Tabitha? (he prayed)


I hope you enjoyed making your comfort cards. Here's a closing prayer to end the lesson:

Jesus, thank you healing us when we are sick or in need, and thank you for inviting us to share your healing with others. Help us this week to share your love and healing with those we meet. Amen.

Just a note:

Make sure to check the website and facebook page for all updated messages and videos from Father Keith and the Family Ministry.

ALSO: Nancy Sisson has graciously made child sized masks. If anyone is in need of one, please let me or Father Keith know!

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