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YOM Mission Trip Update

Dear Families,

This is usually the Sunday where we would gather together before church and prepare the YOMS to take part in the service. We would usually share some moments from our most recent mission trip as well as share our trip plans for the upcoming summer. However, like most things in life right now, this Sunday feels a lot different.

Parents-by now you should have received and read the email I sent and the message from Father Keith sharing the disappointing news that Youth Works has cancelled all summer trips. For those in the congregation who have not heard, the organization, YouthWorks, that was going to be hosting us in Boston, Massachusetts this summer for our 2020 mission trip, has cancelled all trips due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19. Although it was expected, it is still very disappointing that the youth will be missing this meaningful experience that has always proved to have a profound impact on their spiritual growth.

The trip offers the youth a chance to minister face to face with others, strengthen ties with the group and stretch their spiritual boundaries. We are truly heartbroken that we cannot offer this experience this year. However, we will not let these circumstances hinder us from continuing to minister and grow together.

We are working on putting together a schedule of ministry opportunities that we can complete together as a group while still following the guidelines for social distancing. Projects may include work on the church grounds, planting flowers for the home bound and a drive through food drive. We may have to wear masks, but we can still use our hands and our voices to minister together as a group. We may have to keep a six foot distance between each other, but we still be together as people of God trying to serve in the midst of a pandemic. Let's allow this situation to bring us closer together instead of separating us. Please stay tuned for more details on these summer opportunities!

I am truly missing each teen during these times, and I am praying that we can come together for some projects.

Prayers for all of you to stay safe and healthy. As always, please reach out if you need support or help in any way.

God's peace,


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