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Christmas Memorial Flowers

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

This Christmas, Flowers are Given in Memory of:

*Mr. and Mrs. Richard M Somers Jr, Trey Torris by James and Wendy Hautzinger

*Our Parents: Frank and Jean Wood, with gratitude for their long and beautiful lives and with appreciation to Church of the Messiah parishioners for their loving kindness, by Laura Wood and Nacy Fields

*Jane Bowen and H. Leroy Beaver by Henry and Shirley Bowen

*R. Dale Stevenson by the Burke-Stevenson Family

*Virginia and Jack Kistler, Walter Rybicki and Thoman Evan Curtis by Cynthia Curtis

*Douglas Cook and Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Richards by Ann Cook

*Sandy Mellish by Dennis Mellish

*Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Schneider Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Schneider Jr, by Brian and Kelly Schneider

*Mildred Heinz by William Heinz

*Barbara Y. Robinson by Ronald Robinson

*Robert C. Alderfer, Martin J. Troster, George F., and Helen Breisch by by Jean Alderfer-Troster

*Jeanette Potcner, John Potcner, and Janet Vogel by the Wicklunds

*J. Kelly James, Dwight and Lucille Custis by Frank and Carolyn James

*Ernest Kiefer, Edna May Kiefer, Dale Kiefer, William Kiefer, Oswald Henderson, Catherine Henderson, and Iris Henderson by John and Kathleen Kiefer

*Loved ones of Susan and Bruce Baumann by Susan and Bruce Baumann

*Juanita Carter and Alice Clark by Barry and Thelma Carter

*Richard Patram, Muriel Patram, Roberta Poole and Trish McCloskey by the Patram Family

*William M. Wallace and James R. Adair by Catherine Wallace

*Loved ones of Antionette(Tonia) Uffner by Tonia Uffner

*Albert R. Subers by Emmy Subers

*John Bonasera by Cynthia and Bill Palen

*The Murray and Robinson Families by Jane and John Murray

*Edward Clark Zelner Sr. by Marie Zelner

*Ed and Dot Hornung, Chuch Hornung, Eddie Hornung, Ray and Minnie Buchecker and Don Buchecker Jr. by Don and Betty Buchecker

*Herman Benninghoff by his wife Joan Benninghoff

*Loved Ones of the Myers Family by Megan Myers and Family

*The Althouse and Piper Families by Marsha Althouse

*Joseph and Marion McConnell, Kenneth A. and Florence Melberger, Joan A. McConnell by MayJo and Ken Melberger

*Loved Ones by Patti Saunders

*The Lapps and Claytons by Chuck and Chris Clayton

*Fred Handrich by Nancy Handrich

*Loved Ones by Richard Doherty

*Emilie and Dick Klein by the Poulin Family

*Edward and Marie Gossling by the Haley, Reichley, and Romano Families

*Connie and John Lannuttik and Kurt Zintner Sr. by Kurt and Janice Zintner

*Loved Ones by Keith and Deb Marsh

*David Snyder, Geiger M. Smith, Mary Buel Smith by Judy and Jim Snyder

*Marty and Emil Babiar by Kenneth and Edie Amey

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