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Church School Lesson for Home: Second Sunday of Lent, Lego Prayers!!

Dear families- In case you missed our Google Meet yesterday, here is our lesson that you can do at home!

New and Goods: Share a family moment that was special from the past week.

Opening Prayer:

Dear God,

Thank for the day you have given us. Please help us to grow closer to you as we go through the lesson.

In Jesus' Name we Pray,



For fun, we watched a short Lego video about Ash Wednesday and Lent. There are a couple things mentioned that are specifically for the Catholic church. We just explained that we do things a little differently and both ways are OK.

Here's another video of kids discussing Lent. It's really cute and has some good conversation starters to discuss with your own family!


Begin by gathering some legos from around the house. They do not have to be a set. It's probably better if they are not. Take apart the legos into individual pieces. As you begin to put them back together again, say a prayer for each lego that you reattach. It is a tangible way to pray as each piece represents a different prayer. Once you are done, you can see all of your prayers together! It's like a prayer sculpture!

Have fun building your prayers!!!

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