Church School Lesson: Jesus is my Shepherd

Updated: May 3

Dear families- In case you missed our Google Meet yesterday, here is our lesson that you can do at home!

New and Goods: This we shared something we did outside or something we did in school for Earth Day.

Opening Prayer:

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing us all together today. Help us to learn how you are like our shepherd and we are like your sheep.

In Jesus' Name we Pray,


Our New Testament story from yesterday was the parable of the Good Shepherd

Click Here to Watch the Bible Story

We also watched a video of The 23 Psalm. This Psalm is something we can read to remember how Jesus guides and protects us as our Shepherd!

Cick Here to Watch the Psalm

Activity #1:

Find the Missing Sheep. Click on the link to go to the Google Slide. Look at all of the different colored sheep. Have your child close his/her eyes and then click on one of the sheep and hit delete. You can also click on the other sheep to slide them around. Have your child open his/her eyes and see if he/she can guess which colored sheep is missing. Once your child guesses, you can click "Ctrl z" until all the sheep are back in place, and then you can play again!

When you're done playing, you can talk about how Jesus knows every one of us just like we knew all the color sheep on the screen. And he will not let any of us wander off!

Click Here to Play the Game

Activity #2: You will need more than two players to play this game.

One person will be the shepherd. He/she should go into another room so as not to hear. The other people left will choose one person to be the wolf. When the shepherd comes back, he/she will close his/her eyes. The others will move around and wolf will let out a growl(trying to disguise his/her voice). The shepherd has to try to recognize the voice and guess who the wolf is. Jesus protects the sheep in his flock and knows how to keep us safe!

Activity #3: Your child can use his/her church school journal or a black piece of paper to draw a sheep. He/she can then personalize the sheep to show what makes him/her unique as a person. Talk about how everyone is Jesus' flock is different and special in their own way. Jesus already knows everything about us and loves us just the way we are!

Closing Prayer:

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing us all together today as friends in Christ. Help us to remember that we are all unique and special parts of your flock. And help us to remember that you know every part of us and love us so much that you would leave all of the other members of the flock to come and find us if we wander away. Also help us to show your unending love to others.

In Jesus' name,


I hope you all have a blessed week!


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