Fourth Sunday of Advent Church School Lesson

In case you missed us's the lesson so you can do it at home!

-Sharing new and goods or special family moments

-Opening Prayer: (you can light your tea light candle for prayer time)

Dear God,

Thank you so much for the precious gift of your son Jesus. Thank you for sending him to be born as a human baby so that he could someday save us from our sins. And thank you for the love that you never stop giving us. Please help us share that love with others.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


-Lighting the (virtual)fourth advent candle and Christ candle for Christmas

Christ connects all the Advent candles. Through him, we can have hope, peace, joy, and love. Without him, why have any of those things? Christ steps down into darkness to light the world (John 8:12). Because of him, we can be a light unto others, showing them the true meaning of Christmas.

-Checking in on the Nativity Scene: Since this is the last weekend before Christmas, we added Baby Jesus and the Shepherd. Then we talked about all of the LOVE involved in the Christmas story.

**Discussion Opportunity: How many instances of love can you find in the Christmas story? (ie: Mary to God, Mary to Jesus, Joseph to God, Joseph to Mary, most importantly GOD TO US!)

-Reading God Gave us Christmas

Wishing everyone a safe and blessed Christmas and a joyful New Year!!

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