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Nativity Craft Instructions for Children

Here are the directions for the Nativity craft included in the Christmas bags for church school children. Make some hot cocoa and have some crafting fun!

Step One: Take your 8 popsicle sticks and cut or break them like the ones below.

Step Two: Using a brown marker or crayon, color one side of the sticks. Then arrange them like below.

Step Three: Glue sticks together.

Step Four: Cut around the silhouette print out of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus and then glue the image to the stable.

Step Five: Cut out the star and glue to the top of the stable. Glue the sequin on top for a little extra sparkle!

Step 6: thread the string around the middle stick so that both ends come out behind the ornament. Knot the ends of the string together to close the loop and you're done!

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