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Search Committe Update

Updated: May 18

Update - May 18

This past Monday, the committee met with Rev. Jane Gober, from the Diocesan Office of Transition, and received the information on the 7 candidates for our future rector.  

We will now begin the work of reading their information, listening to sermons, and digesting their resumes. We plan on reaching out to them within the next couple of weeks to schedule and start the interview process. Just a reminder of the confidential nature of the next steps in our process.  

Please continue to keep our committee and our future rector in your prayers.

Almighty God, you know the needs of your Church in every place.

Guide the Search Committee as they continue to be faithful in seeking your will.

Bless them with mutual trust, respect, and foresight as they lead us in the next phase of the Church of Messiah's legacy.  

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