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Join us Wednesday 2/28 @ 7:00 pm for Session Two - The House of God

Session Two is titled The House for God. It examines why we worship, and the role of the Church in mediating the relationship between God and human beings. We enjoyed a great turnout last week and hope even more of you will join us this coming Wednesday evening as we learn about and discuss The House of God.

Knowing God  is a Lenten Course comprising five sessions. It is suitable for anyone with a basic grounding in the Christian faith. Participants will be invited to think and reflect upon their relationship with God and God's presence in their lives.


The course will take place on most Wednesdays evening in Lent, beginning at 7:00 pm, for a duration of approximately 75 minutes. Each session begins with an Opening Worship, followed by a general introduction to the topic. Then there will be an opportunity for discussion of the course material, either in small groups or together as a whole. Each session will conclude with a short closing worship. 


Session headings: 


1. God the Creator. 

2. The House of God. 

3. The Psalms. 

4. The Vision of God. 

5. God our Friend. 


Session 1 will be in the Guild Room on Wednesday February 21 at 7:00 pm.

All are welcome to attend.

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