Third Sunday of Advent Church School Lesson to Follow at Home

Hi Everyone!

From now on I will be sending out our weekly church school lesson each Monday. It will be available here on the website. If you were not able to join us on Sunday mornings, you will be able to access the lesson the following Monday and complete it at your leisure.

Here is our lesson for the Third Sunday of Advent:

-New and Goods: On Sunday mornings we always begin by sharing something new or good that has happened over the past week/weekend. If you are completing the lesson with your child, you can tweak the activity and reflect on special moments as a family from the past week.

-Opening Prayer: We turn on our tealight candles for our prayer.

Dear God,

Thank you for our time together. Please open our hearts to your words, and help us to grow in your love as we wait patiently for the day we celebrate the birth of our savior.

In Jesus' name,


-Lighting the Virtual Advent Candle

This Sunday we lit the third candle on our virtual wreath, the candle of joy. We talked about the importance of joy during the advent season. We are joyful to celebrate Christ's coming to earth! You can also make connections by talking about other things that bring you and your child joy. Joy will be a theme throughout the lesson today.

-We read the story "A Donkey's Little Tale" by R. Mitchell Scott

Things you can discuss before reading the story:

-Why are Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem? For the census ordered by Caesar Augustus. They had to go to Bethlehem because that's where Joseph was from.

-How are they traveling? By foot and by donkey

-How far is the journey? about 70 miles. at least a four day journey

-How is this different from the way we travel today?

Unfortunately I was not able to find a reading of the story on youtube to share with you, so I've added some photos to show you some snippets of the story. It is the story of Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem, but it is told from the point of view of the donkey. The donkey is aware of the joy and the love that Mary and Joseph are showing even though he does not know what special event is coming. The donkey is overjoyed when they reach the stable. While it appears to be a humble lodging to us, the donkey thinks it is perfect. At the end of the story, the donkey is also joyful to be in service to Jesus! Since the whole story is not available, this part of the lesson can be tweaked to try imagining what it would be like to watch the journey of Mary and Joseph from the donkey's perspective. You can talk about whether or not it would be easy to feel joyful.

-Playdoh Activity:

The author of the book shares how she made figures of her donkey character out of clay. Children can use the playdoh from their bags to make their own donkey sculpture(after the activity they can return the playdoh to the container so we can use it again).

OR children can draw a picture of the donkey in their white notebooks. The idea is to think about how we can be more like the donkey: humble, serving, joyful

-Video Clips:

We watched some video clips while the children were modeling their playdoh. The videos show what it might have really looked like during Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem as well as how the stable would have looked. The second video shows the shepherds being visited at night.

Some things to take note of with your child:

-How difficult the journey looked. Mary and Joseph continued on because of their faith in God's plan, and they were so joyful at the birth of their son.

-The looks of joy on the shepherds faces. They knew this was their savior born.

-The humbleness of the place of Jesus' birth. How amazing that our savior came to us as a baby just like you and me!

Enjoy the videos.

Praying for peace, joy and health for you these next two weeks of Advent.

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