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Announcement - Thank you Barbara Stevenson!

Updated: Jun 29

A Message from our Interim Rector

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Dear friends,

In this message, you will find a letter from Barbara Stevenson, the Rector’s Warden, announcing her resignation from the position with effect from July 31, 2024. Barbara has served five years as warden. I have known Barbara since July 2023, when I took the position of Interim Rector at the Church of the Messiah. In the past eleven months we have worked together to guide the congregation through the transition process to the nomination of a permanent rector. 

With her background as a teacher and school superintendent, Barbara brought a number of valuable skills to the church. In dealing with the diverse and sometimes demanding questions people have raised in church and outside the church, Barbara has been consistently caring, constructive and courteous. 

There have been no shortage of challenges in the past eleven months, and I have seen at first hand how Barbara has dealt sensitively with each one, using her intelligence and understanding of human nature to address problems and create solutions. Her work ethic is strong and she has gone over and above the call of duty on behalf of the church.

I know I speak for all of us in expressing our sincere gratitude for her faithful service to Church of the Messiah, and in wishing her every happiness for the future.

With God’s blessings

Father David


A Message from the Warden

June 17, 2024

Dear Members of the Messiah Church Family,

So much has taken place over the last year. In addition, my life has presented some changes. Travel has become an important part of what I do. Also, I have been privileged to have been contacted about some interesting consulting opportunities. An added benefit is that I have made some new friends.

As a result, I have less time to devote to the necessary duties of the Warden of The Church of The Messiah. I have loved serving in this capacity for the last several years. I have appreciated and been humbled by your support.

As of July 31, I will step down as Warden. There will be an interim Warden appointed, shortly, to work with me to facilitate the work involved in welcoming a new Rector. I will continue to make myself available to help with and support the Messiah community.

Thank you for the love and commitment you bring to Messiah. I shall never forget the faith experiences I have had with you.

In God’s Love, Blessings,



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