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YOM Kick Off is Today!

Hey YOM Families!

I am sending a follow up to our previous email regarding our meeting/service project this evening, October 4th.

The previous email included a few general details as we were still fine tuning our plan for set up and procedures. Here are a few guidelines we must follow to help ensure everyone's safety while we gather:

  • All volunteers will wear masks during our meeting times. We will have masks and gloves available for anyone who may need them, but you are encouraged to bring your own mask.

  • We will be practicing safe distancing between all of our members at all times, with the exception of family/siblings.

  • We will have multiple tables set up separately for our materials during our meeting/service activity of potting mums and writing cards for parish members. We will plan to meet inside the Parish Hall and move to the terrace for our meeting. If weather does not permit for us to meet outside we will set up inside the main area of the Parish Hall, with tables set up at a distance following our guidelines.

  • During our meetings, we will be documenting all members and volunteers/parents who attend in the event we ever need to conduct Contact Tracing.

  • Please be assured that all meeting areas and/or working areas will be cleaned and sanitized before and after our meetings.

As mentioned previously, we are all at varying comfort levels with meeting in person. We ask that everyone adhere to our guidelines in order to keep us all safe and healthy, and so that we can make our meetings comfortable for all of our members to attend. Please know that I want everyone to feel comfortable and safe with our plan. If there is anything I missed or details we can fine tune, please reach out with any suggestions. I greatly appreciate any feedback from all of you! 

Thanks to all of you who have responded over the last few weeks to my emails and/or sent an RSVP regarding our meeting! I look forward to seeing you soon!


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