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YOM Virtual Meeting: March 7

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Hi YOM Families!

This Sunday, March 7th, we will be having our Virtual Meeting for YOM. We will be meeting virtually at our usual time of 5:00pm.

We will plan to meet via Google Meet.

If you have trouble connecting, remind your teen that they might not be able to join if they are on a School District device and logged in to their school account. Most districts (including North Penn) will not allow a student to join a Meet or Zoom meeting that is not set up by someone in their network/district contacts. I would recommend not using a school issued device or school account to sign in. Also, if there are any issues with joining feel free to text me or call so that I can help out!

On our agenda this week:

Update on the success of Shrove Sunday To Go !

  • We'll be talking a little bit more about Tree for Hope Girls School in Guatemala and our next step of donating funds and writing letters.

  • In order to hopefully make our meetings a bit more fun we'll be trying out some virtual games.

  • Last, we'll take a look at a few verses for this coming week: Hebrews 12:14 and James 1:22

Please reach out with any questions! I look forward to seeing you soon!


YOM Meeting Dates

  • March 7: virtual meeting at 5:00

  • March 21

Upcoming Events

  • Stay tuned for more service opportunities this Spring!

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