Looking for Jesus in the Ordinary

Over the course of the liturgical year, from the First Sunday in Advent at the beginning of December, through the Last Sunday of Pentecost at the close of November, we make our way through the Gospel story, week by week, hearing the four Gospelers’ accounts of Jesus’ life, his mission and ministry: from his birth in a Bethlehem stable, to his travels throughout Galilee teaching and preaching and healing, his death on a cross outside the city walls of Jerusalem, and his resurrection and return to God the Father and the life eternal. Seven weeks ago, in early January, on the first Sunday of the Epiphany season, we encountered Jesus wading into the Jordan River for baptism by his cousin, John t

Dine & Donate: IRON HILL February 25 - February 26, 2020

See below to get your coupon today! Dine at IRON HILL BREWERY on 2/25/20-2/26/20 and CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH will receive a 20% donation of your total food bill. (Excludes alcoholic beverages, tax and gratuity) IMPORTANT: You must present a Coupon for us to receive the 20% donation. Click here for a copy of the coupon or pick one up at the church office Coupons may not be distributed on Iron Hill premises. On-Site solicitation will result in termination of your event. Reservations strongly suggested. Redeem only at Iron Hill North Wales 1460 Bethlehem Pike, North Wales, PA 19454 Offer Valid 02/25/2020-2/26/2020 www.ironhillbrewery.com THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Adult Forum Class - Old Testament book of Ruth

4-week series: Feb 16 through March 8 following 9:30 Eucharist, Guild Room Led by CAROLYN CUSTIS JAMES, author of Gospel of Ruth: Loving God Enough to Break the Rules, Finding God in the Margins, and several other books The Old Testament book of Ruth is one of the most beloved narratives in the Bible. It is also one of the most underestimated, as traditional interpretations have reduced it to a beautiful romance—a veritable Cinderella story. But the Bible isn’t teaching fairy tales. It is for the real world where we live. Ruth is the story of a female Job. The story raises questions about God that sooner or later all of us end up asking. It demonstrates the heart of God’s heart for his daugh

Reflections from Guatemala

In case you missed the presentations and demonstrations from Guatemala Sunday on February 9th, read on! In addition to sharing some great photo memories, we hope you enjoy reading the parishioner reflections below and viewing photographic recap. Click here for the video recap of our trip . We’ve received several inquiries and interest in wanting to be part of next year’s mission trip. In response, planning has already begun for a return to Guatemala, but with a different focus to keep things fresh! Please stay tuned for more information on how you can support and participate in these activities. For more information about the stoves we built follow this link Stove Team Guatemala. The st

Life Beyond the Letter of the Law

Today's Gospel lesson from Matthew is a continuation of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Actually, while it can be hard to tell, we have been listening to sections of that sermon for the last two weeks. We began two Sundays back with the list of blessings, often known as the Beatitudes; then continued with last week’s sayings about the salt of the earth, a city on a hill, and lamps hidden under bushel baskets; and now we pick up where we left off last Sunday and carry on into this morning. One of the difficulties posed by a three-year rotating lectionary, the list of lessons designated to be read each Sunday of the year, is that, in this case at least, we are not able to hear the full text of the


Sunday, February 9th – both services During the morning services, members of the Messiah mission team who traveled, worked and ministered for a week in Guatemala will share highlights of their experience, insights and revelations from their time among the ancestors of the Mayan population still inhabiting that part of the world. Join us at either the 8:00 or 9:30 Eucharist for what promises to be an enlightening and inspiring morning.

Shrove Sunday Pancake Breakfast - February 23rd

On Sunday, February 23rd we are hosting our annual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser for the 2020 Mission Trip. You can use our Sign Up Genius site to volunteer for this event. This is a great opportunity for our group, for both fundraising as well as hosting a fun event which brings our congregation together each year. Sign up by clicking HERE Or go to https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f044dafab2ba31-2020

Blessings and Burdens, Joys and Sorrows

The Presentation: Joy and Sorrow If you have ever lived in - or even simply visited - a very large city – think New York or San Francisco, London or Paris, or even Philly - you may have discovered that it can be exciting and exhilarating to simply walk down busy sidewalks as life swirls around you in patterns of infinite possibility. Signs blink, cars and buses honk, glasses and dishes clatter in sidewalk cafes, a planter of flowers provides an unexpected pop of color, and snippets of conversations fall upon the ear – some casual, some earnest; different accents, or even foreign languages. Every person who passes by offers a fleeting opportunity for a life-changing encounter — a glance, a wo

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