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Baptismal Font


Are you …

  • An adult or teen who wants to be baptized?

  • An older teen or adult interested in confirming the vows made on your behalf at your baptism?

  • Wanting to be officially received into the Episcopal Church from another Christian denomination?

  • Merely interested in learning more about the Church’s history, sacraments and creeds, and exploring your own spiritual needs and calling?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions,

then this fall’s Sunday Adult Forums are for you!

Those adults and teens interested in being presented to the Bishop for baptism or confirmation, being received into the Episcopal Church, or publicly reaffirming their faith are invited to meet with the Rector for six consecutive Sundays, beginning October 2nd and running through November 6th. Classes will begin after the 9:30am Eucharist, convening at 11:00am in the Guild Room, and run for 90 minutes, adjourning at 12:30pm.

If interested:

  • Enter your name on the sign-up sheet located in the narthex;

  • Speak with Fr. Marsh or call the parish office;

  • Join us for six weeks for the first steps on a new faith journey!

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