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Church of the Messiah seeks to be

an inviting, welcoming and compassionate Christian community which encourages spiritual growth by inspiring and uniting people to be examples of Christ’s love and celebrating the glory of God.

The Church's office hours are

Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 2:30 pm


The Rev. David Beresford,  Interim Rector

Sarah Patram, Bookkeeper 

Tiffany Reichley, Office Administrator
Hannah Albrecht, Organist & Choir Director
Tiffany Reichley, Family Ministries, Children






Barbara Stevenson, Warden 
Sam Frenkel, Financial Warden

Brenda Weir, Vestry Clerk

Class of 2024:

Marissa Beaver, Lynn Mangan

Class of 2025:

Sue Hess, Dale Murphy, Warren Tudgay, Cathy Wallace

Class of 2026:

Marsha Althouse, Barbara Osborne, John Sprouse, Linda Unangst

Father David.jpg

The Rev. David Beresford

Interim Rector


Hannah Albrecht

Organist and Choir Director

Sarah Patram.jpg

Sarah Patram



Tiffany Reichley

Office Administrator

Family Ministries – Children

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