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What Belfry Means to Me

Updated: 4 days ago

More love from our shoppers and volunteers!

"All of the Belfry staff are welcoming and friendly.  I donate all my items to Belfry because it supports worthy charities.  I donate items and, on the way out, I purchase more.  The items sold are all clean and neatly displayed.  Belfry is a wonderful ministry that Messiah provides for the community.  Thank you!"  - Shopper

"All of the above as of the email I received.  Especially since it goes to charities!"  - Shopper

"A place to socialize with friends while giving back and meeting new friends."  - Volunteer"Fair prices, clean merchandise, displayed nicely."  -  Shopper

"My mother introduced me to Belfry and we had wonderful times here together and got great stuff!"  -  Shopper

"Finding something my family needs and something I want at a more than reasonable price and having all the proceeds go to charities is a WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN!  I love Belfry Bargains!  Thank you for all your service to others!!"  - Shopper

Over the past several weeks, we invited shoppers and volunteers to share with us what it is about Belfry  that keeps them returning.  We have been overwhelmed by the responses and will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks.

  • "Opportunities - to exchange pre-owned items for new share ideas and build acquaintances into earn money for charitable fund outreach near and far - one day at a time, one donation at a time, one person at a time in God's love."  - Volunteer

  • "A real people place!"  - Volunteer

  • "Nice people, good prices, but mostly styles that I like - for older people."  - Shopper

  • "It is a lifesaver for me as a senior.  Prices are the BEST in the area, Volunteers are helpful and pleasant.  Don't change!!"  - Shopper

  • "Great prices/nice people"  - Shopper

  • "If Belfry were our church, we would have no worries about attendance.  The volunteers and customers together spread so much happiness and joy.  It's such a pleasure to make things affordable for the customers (and volunteers) with the bonus of helping support local, national and international charities."  - Volunteer

  • "So many things!  It's a great place to donate our unwanted clothing and all proceeds go to charitable organizations.  The fellowship among volunteers is awesome.  And we love our shoppers."  - Volunteer

  •  "I love coming often and looking at what is new!  Everyone is friendly and helpful." - Shopper

  •  "It's a great place to further God's work with people and our earth." - Volunteer

  •  "Such a great place!  I have been coming for many years.  I always find such interesting and wonderful things. I love Belfry Bargains."  - Shopper

  •  "Great merchandise at fabulous prices." - Shopper

  • "I've been coming to Belfry Bargains for about 20 years. A friend introduced me to the shoppe. Since then, I have probably introduced about 30 of my friends. I told them to pass it forward; to please  share your shoppe with their friends. I think that's the way to do it! Word of mouth is the best policy! I like the fact that the shop is located in the former parsonage. That all the proceeds are donated to area not-for-profit organizations. I like the prices. You don't hold on to things; your goal is for a quick turn-around so organizations will benefit. I used to bring my Mother, often. She loved it. She passed away 9 years ago at 96. I donated a number of her possessions to Belfry Bargains knowing this would have brought her great joy. With much appreciation for all you continue to do,"  - Shopper "I love working here and hanging out with other fellow volunteers.  I also spend tons of $ buying things, too.  Love to see all these items."  - Volunteer



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